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The golf population is declining year by year, and golf is also aging.

KIVUNE supports all golfers, from professionals to amateurs, in order to make sporting golf that can be aged as a part of the "100 Years of Life Plan", making it more enjoyable and creating a body that does not break down.

KIVUNE Product. 



Uncle Tom, are you twisting the club with a towel wiped with sweat?

It looks like the rusted wedge is rusting The idea of ​​this product is in a sight at a golf course in Japan,

"Uncle Tom, are you twisting the club with a towel wiped with sweat?


This is because the wedges that were cut off seem to be rusted.  

Also, KIVUNE products are made with three birds rather than two birds with one stone.


Explain other usage.

The meaning of Furufu is English "Fluff" (fluffy) and used it as a practice tool for Japanese swinging.


If you swing swing with a hose or a hard plastic rod Have you ever had a painful experience hitting

your body from the reaction? If it ’s “Furufu”, it won’t hurt.  


Because weights are placed on the faces of cats and dogs,

Shake right and left and left and right, If that face hits the right shoulder rib,

the left shoulder rib, Evidence that the torsion of the left and right is turning well! Further!



Even the tail of the handle is softened

If you use swing stretch with a firm grip power is put into hand to hold by all means.

And if you do First Shot with that feeling, it tends to be a strong grip.

Do you have any experience that you have inadvertently struggled after swinging like this?



When you touch a soft object, humans instinctively try to grasp it lightly.

This is another point of "Fluff ~". Golf is a sport that tests mental.



If the shot is not decided and the putter does not enter and is frustrated Check out "Fluff ~".

You can relax by touching your fingertips alternately.

Further! Further! The reason for this material is that glasses and sunglasses can be wiped off.

Fluff, which seems to have never existed before.



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Putter fitting


How to use the body, how to swing, eagle, eyes, Each person has a wide variety of putting styles. Without being bound by theory, you can put on a comfortable and comfortable pad Proposal of reproducible putter and I will tell you about putting. Whether you are logical thinking or sensory Anyone can improve Putter fitting. From individual to shop We accept requests.

Putter lesson


Incorporating the latest golf theory Unreasonable putting propose. Golf is exhausted by tension and physical fitness It is a sport where the balance between the brain and body is easily lost. Optimal putting for you from the mental trainer's standpoint

Training tool development


The golf population is declining and golf is also aging. As part of the “100 Years of Life Plan”, you can enjoy sports golf that can be aged to make your body more fun and trouble free. Training tools for professionals, amateurs and golfers develop.


Company name


Head office


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Date of establishment

Main business


Yoshimi Kondo




Tour professional golfer trainer and coach
Club Advisor and Putter Fitter
Psychological counselor (acquired in the US)
Putter fitting
Putter lesson
Training tool development
Representative of KIVUNE


Yoshimi Kondo


Tour professional golfer trainer and coach
Club Advisor and Putter Fitter
Psychological counselor (acquired in the US)
Representative of KIVUNE


I started playing golf when I was 3 years old.
Stay in California since  age of 15. Send every day of golf pickling.
I belonged to when I was senior  high school student, won the state tournament.
The successive winning schools were given the right to serve as caddies at Masters,
and I had good experience Masters as a caddy.

From there, interaction with the world's top pros and currently active tour pros begins.

 UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) member of the Golf Academy.
Studying at university majoring in kinematics and psychology.

Learned by Mike Adams who coached Tiger Woods mastered the biomechanics swing.
Advocates swings derived from the skeleton and movement characteristics of individuals who do not rely on equipment.

Later, the base was moved to Japan to support Edel Golf's advance into Japan.
The relationship with golf shops established throughout the country is still ongoing.
While acting as a tour professional mental trainer,
American luxury club manufacturer contributing to the spread of clubs as PXG ambassadors.

Currently gathering voices directly from tour pros incorporating specialized exercise dynamics and psychology
In-house golf product development for professionals and amateurs.
At the same time, there is no other fitting that makes the best use of personal habits and personality.

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